Assessment Solution

Previously, I have posted that a pedagogical issue I am facing is the difficulty of providing some form of assessment for my tutorial series. I have decided to add in some light assessment in the form of a multi-choice quiz. Although it does not assess the student’s projects, it will assess some of their Premiere Pro knowledge. The questions are simple and easy, and merely add a little interactivity at the end of the course.

I have embedded my YouTube videos on to, a sister-project to this one. Techfit is hosted using a WordPress installation, meaning it has access to the many plugins that WordPress offers. At the end of the series, I have created a revision page, which has the quiz on it.

The quiz plugin used is Quiz Master Next. I created the quiz in the back-end of WordPress, and linked the quiz using a shortcode on the revision page.

You can view this page here:

Users do not need to provide any identification to complete the quiz, and it is not graded. Upon submitting the quiz, the correct answers show up on the screen and are explained.

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