Upload Timing Issue

On the sixth and final video, which is till to be recorded, I will be explaining different video file formats, and showing how to render projects and upload them to YouTube. However this brings up one small problem.

As the students follow along with the videos, they are creating their own projects. So, in the sixth video, I will encourage them to upload their work to YouTube. In doing so, I will upload my final rendered video project (that I was using to teach with) to YouTube.

So, this means that the final rendered video will be uploaded before the sixth video can be uploaded, creating a gap in the tutorials. I would prefer to upload the final project video after the sixth video has been uploaded.

To fix this issue, I will upload the working project using a different account. This way, I can record the process of uploading to YouTube all the way through, and I will then be able to upload the sixth video to the Techfit channel. This will ensure all of the videos are uploaded in sequence. Finally, I will upload the final working project to the Techfit channel.

This is important due to YouTube’s autoplay feature. YouTube will automatically play the next video in the channel, if it is not in a playlist. Therefore uploading the final video project before the sixth video could ruin the autoplay progression.

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